You Are Beautiful!

As summer approaches, many of us begin to feel uncomfortable with our bodies because of our society’s notion of what is beautiful. It is culturally impossible to attain the images we see. Women may begin to worry about how they look, their weight, and their age and signs of aging. Men, on the other hand, may worry about their hairlines, height, muscular body, and finances.

For many of us, our sense of self-worth may hinge on one fact: that we identify with our bodies. However, you are so much more than what you see or, for that matter, what is defined by a number on your scale, the number of wrinkles you have, or by the shape of your body.

Having self-esteem is more than just how you feel about your body. It in fact is your total being, which includes your personality, values, and everything that makes you perfect just the way you are at this very moment. It is about what and who you really are inside that counts. It is about gaining a sense of self that is not based on only the physical self, but it is also to identify what is inside you, what your values are, and who you really are.

Do not allow other people to put thoughts in your head to try to influence you about how you are supposed to look or to be something you are not. Do not allow other people to share negative thoughts with you about how you look or how you are supposed to act. Just be YOU!

You are not alone. Self-esteem affects everyone, which includes how each of us think, what we do and what we say – to ourselves as well as to others. It can affect your ability to act and how you treat yourself and others. Accepting yourself, just the way you are, helps you to develop your self-esteem. Accepting others just the way they are helps you help them to develop theirs.

Believe me, no one is perfect. For example, when original pictures are taken, do you think they look like the models in the magazines? Why do you think Photoshop was developed? Each one of us has limitations and makes mistakes—and that is so human. It is okay to have doubts. That is what makes life interesting. Just remember: there is only one of you—and you are beautiful.

Try not to compare yourself to others because that can be self-sabotaging. You are not them, and you trying to measure up to them instead of just to yourself can cause you needless guilt and shame.

How can you increase your own self-esteem?

1)       Accept yourself totally, including not only your good points but your flaws too

2)       Realize you are perfect just the way you are at this very moment

3)       Realize you can—and probably will—make mistakes while exploring your world

4)       Take time to nurture and comfort your body and mental needs

5)       Stop listening to other people’s negative opinion and surround yourself with positive people

6)       Take pride in all your wins in life and achievements, no matter how small they are

7)       Set realistic goals that are attainable

8)       To feel good about yourself, do not depend on acceptance of others

9)       Maintain a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally. If needed, seek counseling.

Getting to know yourself is one thing that may help you figure out what is holding you back from increasing your self-esteem. You just have to keep in mind when other people tell you that you are not being perfect in their eyes, it does not reflect on your true self-value. Engaging in positive self-talk will enable you to realize and hear how beautiful you really are.

Self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect are all inter-related. How you feel about yourself can influence how you live your life. Having good self-esteem allows you to accept yourself and helps you to live your life to the fullest.

Believing in yourself is the first step to learning your true self-worth. When summer comes around, think about it differently from the perspective of your “Total Being.” Walk proud and know there is no one like you in this world. Remember the essential elements of who you are: your mind, body, and spirit. It is never too late to build a healthy, positive self-esteem.

Being self-confident, how you carry yourself, and believing in yourself are some of the sexiest qualities you can have.

This summer, just be gentle with yourself, for you are such a special commodity and definitely one of a kind.

Have fun and live for this special moment in time—always.

Dr. Christina

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