Trials and Tribulations of Having a Doctor’s Appointment

Going to a doctor today can be like going to a foreign country, where you feel like you need a translator to determine exactly what the doctor is talking about!

I know, because some of the stories I’ve heard from my patients really concern me. I get so frustrated when I hear about or witness the lack of communication between my colleagues and their patients. Often, the patient’s need to understand what is being said and explained gets overlooked or lost.

Now don’t get me wrong; there are still some doctors out there that do treat their patients well, but it seems in today’s society that some just forget how to have compassion and treat their patients as if they were treating themselves.  Wait! We’re being honest here so let me rephrase that. These physicians don’t forget. They just don’t take the time to do it.

Call me “old school” or point to the fact that I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I know that going to the doctor’s office is not on your list of the top five most fun things to do. Then, even worse, when you are treated like you’re one in a herd of cattle – isn’t that adding insult to injury, or what? It really makes you want to come back the next time, doesn’t it? Probably not.

What should you expect from your doctor?

Sometimes the best doctors are the ones you have to wait for, so take a good book and snack and make the best of your “me” time while you’re waiting.

Many of my patients tell me that that it’s worth the wait because they know when I see them, I’m giving them my undivided attention.  Some of my patients say, “It’s a ‘me’ day” – that they are taking this day to take care of themselves, and that includes the trip to the doctor for a check-up.

Good Signs That The Doctor Is Giving You The Attention You Deserve

If the doctor actually looks into your eyes when you’re speaking and takes notes, that is a good sign that the doctor is listening to you.

If a doctor explains your test results in terms you can understand and ensures that you do understand them by asking you if you have any questions before he/she leaves the examining room, that’s another good sign.

If the doctor gives you more than one option for treatment and then allows you the opportunity to ask questions because he/she knows you are the one making the decision and determining what works best for you, this is yet another good sign.

Here are some additional considerations:

Does your doctor treat you as he/she would treat a loved one?

If a doctor referred you to another doctor, would that doctor treat you like family?

Don’t be afraid to ask, “Listen, Doctor, would you let that doctor treat your loved one?”

Is your doctor open-minded to just one form of treatment such as writing prescriptions? Your doctor should be well-versed in preventative medicine, lifestyle changes, supplements, nutrition, exercise and other forms of treatments to help your body improve your immune response to help protect you from getting sick in the first place.

Also, notice how well your doctor treats his or her staff.

Good Doctors Still Exist! and How to Find Them

I know for some of you that you may think there are none of us doctors like that, but the truth is that I could not even imagine not treating my patients with the respect and dignity that I would want to be treated with.  I would not tolerate being referred to someone who would not have my best interest at heart, so I do not accept anything less for my patients.  I encourage my patients to inform me of their experience with the doctors I refer them to. If I hear that anyone has mistreated one of my patients, I never refer to them again.

In today’s society, it may be hard for you to forgive a doctor’s rudeness, but I am here to tell you that YOU HAVE RIGHTS and you do not have to accept maltreatment.

Go and look for a new doctor who will take the time with you and treat you with respect. Just remember not to abuse them either, for it is a balanced partnership where both sides are taking care of the most cherished possession that you have—YOU.

To recap, look for:

1) The doctor who listens and allows you to ask questions.
2) A doctor who ensures that you understand any and all test results and provides different treatment options.
3) A doctor who treats you and his / her staff with respect.
4) A doctor who doesn’t simply dole out medications.
5) A doctor who is well-versed in preventative and alternative treatments.
6) A doctor who treats, cares, and communicates with you.

A doctor’s treatment should be a partnership with you and the plan for your care should be made with the understanding of your life patterns or lifestyles.

With Much Respect and wishing you Good Health,

Dr. Christina

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