Karrie Brazaski, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
“Each year during nurse’s week I like to reflect upon individuals that have truly made an impact into the culture and staff here at the hospital. Kudos to you, as your engaging talk during the charge nurse retreat had a much more profound effect than I could have imagined.Your session during the charge nurse retreat was amazing. Not only were you able to share your story, but the way you were able to connect with their hearts made you very real. You walked in as a provider on our medical staff, and walked away an inspiring colleague, one with whom they could identify. You have been in their shoes and you understand the weight they carry. Your ability to cut through the junk and baggage one carries around and be able to have a candid dialogue was refreshing.

While your words were very inspiring, you left us with so much more. It is not every day you are motivated to tears and walk away feeling better not only about yourself but also those around you and be given tools to help strengthen ones endurance to care for patients. My team, both the charge nurses and nursing directors, needed to understand their compassion fatigue and have themselves filled back up. You did just that – THANK YOU!

As speakers we hope that after we have given a talk the audience walks away with a useful message and puts the information to work. I have charge nurses thanking me for having you speak because they now know how to calm themselves down with breathing exercises and stay calm in the chaos of their day. Others who have commented say they are less judgmental because you challenged them to a paradigm shift. You shared a message in words, but you were able to grip our hearts and touch our souls. That is a gift! Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with my team. Kudos!”

Karrie Brazaski
Chief Nursing Officer
Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
Bullhead City, AZ

Diane Murphy, RN, DHA, Chief Quality Officer, Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
“Dr. Christina Charbonneau was inspiring for not only our charge nurses but for senior leaders as well. Her encouraging messages of self-respect and empowerment helped me finally understand how self-empowerment works. The examples she provided were clear and easy to understand for all participants. We appreciate her understanding of the many roles our nurses work in and the importance of teamwork and team building for our everyday processes. Listening to her gave us many insights into how we can change what we do, what we say, and how we can turn these around to make a positive difference in our lives. I highly recommend Dr. Christina for your next event or meeting.This was the second event that I attended in which Dr Christina Charbonneau was a presenter. She reached the hearts and minds of two very diverse groups – one was a community group focused on keeping children safe, the other was to a group of charge nurses and nurse leaders. Dr. Christina provided poignant examples from her own life that held the attention of many attendees. Her energy and compassion could be felt throughout the room. I am happy she was able to attend both meetings and I look forward to her addressing others in our community so we can all work together in respect and dignity. I highly recommend Dr. Christina for your community or business event.

Dr. Christina, you have no idea how much you have helped me. Hearing about your experiences first hand made a big difference in knowing I could do anything I chose to do and that I am only limited by my own thoughts or ideas. Thank you very much.”

Diane “Dee” Murphy
Chief Quality Officer
Western Arizona Regional Medical Center
Bullhead City, AZ
Sigma Theta Tau

I’m so inspired by all your words and videos. I happened to see the other video where you talk about how gifted we are and the hardship you went through.. Really hats off to you. I get all the motivation I need in life from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for people like me… You are my inspiration.. I’m thankful and grateful that I’m able to connect with you and get motivated.
Aishwarya Swaminathan

Barbara Wainwright Founder, CEO, Wainwright Global, Inc. Co-Founder, CEO, Fowler Wainwright International Inc.
“Dr. Christina Charbonneau is one determined God-sent Angel on Earth. She has great listening skills, as well as being one of the most kind, caring, compassionate individuals I’ve ever met. An avid learner, she has the courage of her convictions, the passion to persevere and the energy and confidence to make good things happen. I highly recommend Dr. Christina Charbonneau as a physician, author, speaker and friend; she will always exceed your expectations.”
Barbara Wainwright
Founder, CEO, Wainwright Global, Inc.
Co-Founder, CEO, Fowler Wainwright International Inc.

Viki Winterton, Founder, Expert Insights Publishing
“Working with Dr. Christina has given me the chance to be revisit my assumptions and see my life from a very different perspective. She has helped me see new opportunities for development and solutions for current challenges. She brings light, love, and joy into every interaction. No words can fully express how much I treasure the wisdom and support she shares so generously.”
Viki Winterton
Founder, Expert Insights Publishing

“Dr. Christina Charbonneau has always been the health professional my mother, daughter, and I have turned to for obtaining medical guidance and for knowing where to go in solving health challenges. Her personal caring and compassion along with her life knowledge and ability to explain complex health issues in simple language has helped us better understand our individual situations and then how to approach solutions. And she does all of this while still respecting our individual privacy and helping us see the brighter side of life while we are going through difficult individual challenges. All can be served well by taking advantage of Dr. Charbonneau’s experience!”
Mrs. Carolyn Tu’itupou, MPA
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education
Brigham Young University

“During my first encounter with Dr. Charbonneau I knew she was the physician that I would place my medical confidence and trust. An energy packed core makes all things peripheral radiate with emotion and motivation when she steps into the room. At some point, all things medical are also personal. Dr. Christina has the ability to be direct and compassionate all at the same time. Friends, family, colleagues and patients are very fortunate to have her touch some portion of their lives.”
Ruby C. Duey, CVT
Kingman Animal Hospital
Owner/Hospital Administrator

Marilyn Beutler
“Dr. Christina is a truly a caring physician and mentor and always conducts herself in a professional manner. She naturally creates a safe environment through her hope and encouragement. I find it easy to share my inner most concerns with her regardless of how monumental they appear. Dr. Christina always has a way of offering practical solutions and insights. She has warmly embraced not only me but also my family and makes us feel like we have a private physician. Her huge following is an affirmation for her calling to help others.”
Marilyn Beutler
Executive Director – Spring Creek Manor
Licensed Administrator of Residential Assisted Living

Nikki Incandela
“I feel such deep honor and pride in having the opportunity to get to know and photograph Dr. Christina. We got to know each other very well during the process and it is not just that she is such an open and warm person but that she is an incredible listener and is compassionate about having an understanding of who she is spending time with. She has led a life of extreme courage and determination. Dr. Christina is a incredibly knowledgeable, fun spirited, open hearted and loving woman. She’s truly impressive, admirable and believes so strongly in the empowering of others. She expresses her gratitude so eloquently, with a gentle power that creates a safeness when in her presence.”
Nikki Incandela
Nikki Incandela Photography

“Dr. Charbonneau is a powerful combination of integrity, intelligence and compassion with a good dose of humor and common sense. She has been my doctor for over 7 years now and has never failed to impress me. The first time I met her I thought this woman is a “firecracker”. She beamed with positive energy and enthusiasm. I was immediately at ease and comfortable discussing my concerns. I am forever grateful to her for her wonderful care and treatment as a patient. Dr. Christina has helped me both medically and emotionally during a stressful time in my life. Thanks again, Dr. Christina, you are the best.”
Dr. Erika Koenig
Veterinarian and Owner Kingman Animal Hospital

Jennifer S Wilkov
“Dr. Christina is a calming force in a world gone crazy. Her passion for the wellness of every living creature is a blessing to all those she comes in contact with. There are not many people who are willing to reach for their dreams at any age, but Dr. Christina has. Her persistence to find meaning and purpose in a life riddled by early dead ends, dismay and deceit makes her authentic care and compassion for others genuine and heartfelt. Her empathy for all those she meets, whether human beings of every age or furry friends, is as beautiful as her spirit and sincere desire to make this world a better place one person at a time. It is a privilege and pleasure to support Dr. Christina with her personal vision and mission to extend her enthusiasm for living and world class expertise to millions of people worldwide, remind everyone that we all have a purpose and a reason for being here each day, and to bring peace to the hearts, minds and souls of so many.”
Jennifer S. Wilkov
Business Mentor, Book Consultant, Author Manager, # 1 International Best-Selling Award-Winning Author, Award-Winning Freelance Writer, Producer & Humanitarian

“Dr. Charbonneau is a stabilizing force in our current healthcare world. She has personally helped me with my medical care as well as with being a catalyst in helping me find balance in life. I enjoy her speaking events as well as her one-on-one counseling sessions. She is not only knowledgeable and compassionate, but she is also completely down to earth and has a great sense of humor.”
Joyce Michie, MBA, Esq.

“I have known Dr. Christina Charbonneau since 2001, when I became a patient of hers. From the first appointment, I knew I had found a physician who truly takes the time to get to know her patients not only medically but emotionally too. She has shown me many times over the years how much she truly cares about her patients. I have recommended Dr. Charbonneau to many friends and clients, based on her medical skill and her compassion and integrity. I was truly blessed when I found Dr. Christina!”
Stephanie Romero
Assistant Vice President/Banking Center Manager
Bank of America

“No matter how confident or successful you may be, there are always times when life throws you challenges that could benefit from a caring and impartial observer. Dr. Christina Charbonneau has served that role on several occasions in my life. Dr. Charbonneau has not only provided fresh insights but has helped me find untapped resources to successfully deal with problems and see them through to resolution. Working from a foundation of sincerely caring for others, she helps identify each obstacle and empowers her patients to safely navigate through life’s challenges. Using a combination of therapeutic coaching techniques, she helps patients to deal with both recognized and unrecognized insecurities and fears that block each of us from attaining a truly contented life. Knowing that she has walked these same paths herself validates her ideas. Her enthusiasm and support will revitalize you and help you find the answers and confidence you need to deal with any challenge. I can truly say I am a happier person for working with her.”
David L. Michie, JD
Government Entities Manager
Seattle, Washington

“Dr. Christina is not like any other doctor. She genuinely cares about me and takes the time to diagnose the problem and offer real solutions. She has a way of looking at what is going on in my life (stress, work, family, diet, exercise, etc.) and providing concrete advice that actually works. I feel a lot better physically and mentally. I am blessed to have found Dr. Christina, and I have made a number of friends and my family start seeing her.”
D’Arcy Downs-Vollbracht, Esq.

“I have known Dr. Christina Charbonneau for almost 10 years and in that time I have interacted with her in various contexts.“As her patient, I have found her to be compassionate, very competent, willing to listen and understand my problems, and successful in treating pathology.As a doctor treating my patients, she has figured things out that I wasn’t able to, validated my opinions, and researched questions that came up so as to effectively treat them; she is open to referring to other doctors/professionals when necessary and generally sees the big picture in her holistic approach to patient health care. She is very well liked and respected.

As her friend, I have found Dr. Christina to be loyal, trustworthy, socially engaged and fun to be around. She is a great listener and gives good advice.

As my patient, she is compliant and truly understands the concept of self-health. She asks for help when necessary. She is engaged in her own problem resolution and wants to maximize her own total health potential.

As a professional colleague, I have found Dr. Charbonneau to be highly intelligent and curious with a thirst for knowledge that is now leading her on a new path to help more people, especially women in need. She is very well spoken and motivating for others. She positively influences patients as well as other professionals and really makes them think about the big picture with a sincere holistic approach.

I am very excited for Dr. Christina in her new endeavors. I am also excited for all of us who will be part of and experience her transformational energy and information as she works to improve the lives of others. As a life coach and motivational speaker, I know she will have tremendous impact on people’s views of their lives with real guidelines for self-actualization. Dr. Christina truly wants people to be more powerful and happier in their lives.”

Dr. Barbara Dorf, D.C., B.A., B.S., MSOM/LAc (candidate)