Dr. Christina is an insightful, informative and inspirational speaker. Her unique empowering approach engages audiences, large and small, and reveals real-life tips, techniques and guidance for enhancing their personal and professional lives so participants learn how to make both thrive.

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The Power of YOUR WORDS

doctor-c-speakingThere are many of us who live in silence, for we feel as if our words are unimportant or that they will never be heard. Feelings of frustration, despair and isolation impact our lives and paralyze the freedom we yearn for to live our lives to their full potential. In this presentation, Dr. Christina will help you envision how to come out of the dark silence and understand how powerful your inner and outer voices are. She will also show you how you can heal yourself while allowing past dramatic events to give you strength and courage in order to evolve and reclaim your true life purpose. Stop feeling alone and afraid. Start claiming the life that you have to live with passion and purpose.
Expect to learn:

  • The secrets to reclaiming yourself and your voice to gain insight into your true life’s purpose.
  • Discover how past tragedies can empower you to succeed and achieve any goal.
  • Proven techniques for how to listen to your true needs, hopes and dreams.
  • The importance of identifying your strengths and resiliency at your lowest points.
  • Fool–proof ways to empower yourself during times of despair and feelings of helplessness.
  • How to acknowledge your fears and use them to excel.
  • Top strategies for how to listen to and love yourself in order to feel fulfilled.

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Stop This Rat Race—Your Life Depends On It!

doctor-c-speaking2Everyone knows stress is not good for us, mentally or physically. We are being bombarded from all directions, from our family lives to our professional work. Your physical health, and even your mental health, is taking a hit. It is time to take control of your life and redirect your energies for your own benefit to enable you to live a longer, better quality life. In this presentation, Dr. Christina will help you leverage your peak stressors so you can live life on a more balanced playing field. She will provide examples of real-life patients who have successfully used her empowering techniques to improve and enhance their lives. Stop driving yourself crazy, discover how powerful you really are, choose your destiny and soar toward your dreams.

Expect to Learn:  

  • How stress impacts your life and lessens your true potential to accomplish your visions and dreams.
  • Understand the difference between good and bad stress and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Discover strategies to take ownership of the situation so you’re not distracted by meaningless stressors.
  • Learn the latest medical drug free stress reduction methods to use at work and in relationships.
  • How to desensitize yourself from other people’s language and criticism of you.

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Life’s Little Secrets For Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance: ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) BE GONE!

doctor-c-speaking3Oftentimes we feel stuck, almost in prison, in our own lives. The question is: How does one stop being a prisoner of others and of oneself? You may feel the time is now to claim your power, but you may not be sure if you are ready or if you feel that you are good enough to do this the way you are right now. You just may not realize that it is your time; more than this, you may not feel sure if it ever will be. These self-doubts, or automatic negative thoughts (ANTS), may feel like they are holding you back.  Although all of us experience negative thoughts, for some they may feel paralyzing for you and seem to keep you from feeling your true passions so you can reach your goals. In this presentation, Dr. Christina will help you to undo those external barriers and self-defeating blocks. She will also help you to learn how to follow your true desires and passions, even when you find yourself at a crossroads in life. Claim your power today, finally feel complete, and discover how magnificent you are when you allow yourself to be free to live your life with true passion.

Expect to Learn:

  • Focus on who you are and not on who others think you are.
  • Redirect your negative self-defeating thoughts and replace them with the skills to positively empower yourself.
  • Stop blaming and shaming yourself for things you think you did wrong and lighten your load so you can be the real you.
  • Put aside what was taught to you by family, friends and significant others that does not resonate with who you really are.
  • Stop the vicious cycle of allowing yourself to be emotionally blackmailed by others.

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