Positive Twist For Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year, instead of making goals about what you want to accomplish and then later in the year feeling bad if you do not reach these goals, how about recognizing what you have accomplished during the past year and seeing if you can surpass these grateful moments next year?

Take a positive twist on what you have accomplished this past year, no matter how small. For example, acknowledge yourself for simple things that you may tend to overlook like cleaning out your closet, finally having the time to read your favorite book, or finally taking a time out just for you.

Having a little difficulty tapping into all that you did achieve?

Use your 5 senses to nourish you and help you to recognize your conquered accomplishments.

Those 5 senses are: Hearing, Smelling, Touching, Seeing, and Tasting.

Hearing – New music, new language, new ideas.

Smelling – Baby smells, flowers, puppy breath, perfumes.

Touching – New fabrics, fur, buzzed haircuts, water.

Seeing – Nature, new places, pictures.

Tasting – new foods, coffee/tea, spices.

Perhaps it’s about looking into a mirror. I know that it is sometimes hard to do, for we always have the tendency to see only our faults. For example you may only be able to see those extra 10-50 pounds you may want to lose. Instead, take notice of the beautiful color of your eyes, your beautiful smile, or perhaps the gentle texture of your skin.

For those of you in school, no matter whether it’s vocational school, professional, or an on-line course, give yourself credit that you took action to enroll.

How about those of you who exercise or those who attempted to do it this past year? The truth is you at least took the first step and that’s in itself is something to acknowledge as an accomplishment.

Have you had some thoughts that your body may need rest and comfort? Perhaps you may have tried out meditation, breathing techniques, baths, massages and other experiences in order to give your body those desperate timeouts and the extra sleep it needs and craves. You certainly were on the right track to change your lifestyle in order to find balance, weren’t you?

Have you given gratitude to your loved ones? It doesn’t have to be only to humans for helping to complete your life and for giving you unconditional love. Animals are also known to show us comfort and love no matter what you do, so appreciate them too for all they do for you.

How about when you allowed yourself to take a moment out of your busy work schedule and family life to allow your “monkey mind” a moment of silence to reconnect yourself to the present moment? What I mean by “monkey mind” is the endless flow of thoughts, ideas, and concepts that seem to flood our mind every second of the day.

The fact that you are alive is such a gift to yourself and others. Share your wisdom. Allow yourself to say thank you to yourself and for those who are family and friends.

None of us are perfect, but it is these imperfections that seem to bog us down and prevent us from being kind to ourselves.

Can you remember one thing that touches your heart and puts a smile on your face when you need a moment to reconnect with yourself? Those are such precious moments to keep in mind. Do not let them escape you.

It seems that our lives tend to speed up as we get older. Life itself is so short. Be grateful for all of the significant people, animals and items that give each moment of our lives meaning, beauty and comfort.

Yes, we can probably think of 100 things we want, but it took the past year of heartaches and hardships to get you here today to allow you to survive and thrive.

I think it is time for you to pick out all of the goodness from your own life experiences, for you to celebrate and help guide you forward, don’t you? Let these serve as building blocks so you can surpass what you accomplished in 2012 during this next year.

So when you contemplate your goals for 2013, remember to also review your positive accomplishments of 2012. This will place your mind in an attitude of gratitude. Embrace even the smallest of positive experiences of 2012. You do not need to have solved world peace in the past year to qualify as deserving kudos.

Be gentle and kind with yourself and treat yourself as if you are your best friend. How would your best friend respond to your list of positive events from 2012? Do your best to respond with the same caring and encouragement they would.

Once you establish your gratefulness and appreciation for what 2012 entailed, then and only then should you go about setting your 2013 goals.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate! Too many of us just go, go, go and never take the time to celebrate the small things. But it is the accumulation of the small things that lead to our bigger successes.

I wish you a very grateful and positive New Year!

Take good care of yourself and best wishes,

Dr. Christina

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