Earning Employee Trust and Loyalty Can Increase Profits and Productivity

How businesses and corporations can become more profitable and productive is not really that complex. Oftentimes it is the little things that we have the tendency to overlook that can enable you to treat not only your customers with respect, but also your employees. It is important for you and your employees to serve your customers—and as an employer it is just as important for you to make the working environment more pleasant to serve your employees. Some ways to do this include fostering the feelings of your employees when it comes having a voice, asking them for an opinion, and making them feel that they are actually listened to and heard. This in itself can make a difference.

It is these little things that will turn the respect of your people toward your company, and they will cost you nothing except time and attention. As the leader of the company, put your ego aside and help your employees with their feelings of being overwhelmed. Use your leadership role to teach them how to delegate their work to others. This small tip can sometimes prevent crises and an unproductive year for your company. After all, no one person can do everything.

Everyone knows that if you treat someone well and make them feel good and valued, they will continue to want that positive reinforcement and the accompanying opportunity to be rewarded. It is sometimes the act of just listening and telling them that they are doing a great job that can indeed prevent employee turnover. These techniques of positive, high quality employee management will cultivate a loyal employee base, which in turn can increase productivity and profits.

You want your employees to have a great attitude and provide excellent customer service, but the employee has to be shown by you that your attitude toward them is one of respect and compassion too. As you know, attitude is quite contagious. Your employees will work harder and better if your own attitude and that of the leadership of the company is positive. Never underestimate how powerful your leadership role is and how it can affect not only you, but the actions or attitudes of everyone in your company.

Knowing that you take pride in the employees who are proud of the work they do  can go such a long way to increase the self-esteem and self-worth of these individuals in the company; but most importantly, this brings about loyalty from these particular employees who contribute so much to your company and want to see it continue to succeed.

Loyalty is not something that can be bought. Loyalty is the feeling of being respected. If this feeling is nurtured, then trust develops and productivity and growth rise in your company. When a company fosters loyalty in its employees, you will see the difference in not only their productivity but also in their work ethic, meaning the employees will want what is best for the company and feel the need to see it succeed.

One important point leaders of a corporation or business have to recognize is that it is the employees who are the ones in direct contact with your customers. They can provide the company with real information about what the customer is actually saying, including both positive comments and negative comments about your products and your customer service. In other words, do you know what your customers are complaining about or the best reasons why they are coming back to buy your products? Your employees on the front lines do. They are your main line for getting critical information about how your company is doing and how to successfully market your product line to consumers. Sometimes the simplest ideas will come from those employees with the most experience who deal with your actual customers verses looking to only top executives who theorize how a business should run.

Your employees must take priority when it comes to where to focus your attention and in determining what matters most in your business, for they are dealing directly with your customers. In order for your customers to feel satisfied, your employees must be proud and passionate about your company/business. This will show up when they interact with your customers. If the employees are enthusiastic and proud of the company, customers will see it, hear it, and know it. If they are not, customers will know that too.

Being the CEO and/or the owner of your business is so powerful. However, it is most important to have integrity and be authentic about who you really are, and not just put on an act. This will make your employees not only trust you, but this will make them feel loyal to your company. All this will then come full circle and help your company grow. It is the sincerity of your own words that can have such a great impact and influence on your employee’s productivity.

Trust and humility are the most important qualities to instill in your company’s workplace in order to create an environment that is safe for freedom of expression, creativity, passion for your employee’s ideas, and to celebrate your company’s successes.

Just as we all love to be appreciated, so do your employees. This again strengthens your bond with your team of workers. Being open and using effective communication are the keys to earning and keeping this trust.

At the end of the day, it is really all about the teamwork between the leaders and the employees that will make your business/corporation more productive and profitable because teamwork helps to create a vision of what this company is capable of doing for its customers as well as for everyone involved in your business/corporation.

Remember to give recognition and praise to all those who work in your corporation /business, for it helps to support and maintain that which we are thankful for: being in business. Without the employees, chances are we would not be in business at all.

Dr. Christina

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