doctor-c-coachingWhen you’re in touch with who you are and can connect to your true self, you’re able to make better decisions and have so many more choices.

Coaching enables you to achieve your personal and professional goals, discover and live your personal dreams, manage your life transitions, and improve your communication.

Being a coach and physician who has also learned an integrative approach to medicine helps me to facilitate you to utilize your mind, body and spirit, thereby enabling you to learn how to decrease stressors which may be interfering with your decision-making and life’s pleasures.

With my coaching and guidance, enlisting new lifestyle methods, nutritional support and relaxation techniques allows you to live a fuller life with the understanding of what truly prevents you from reaching your goals.

My coaching methods encompass the total YOU, which then empower you to succeed professionally and personally. All of us need to have someone who can objectively see all facets of what and who you are in order to be motivated and to succeed in life.

Types of Coaching:

Coaching for individuals includes defining one’s life purpose and addressing health and wellness, work and life balance, relationships, retirement, divorce, and learning to access your own voice to communicate your needs.

Coaching for couples includes renewing the spark in your relationship, engaging in meaningful and purposeful conversations, discovering new goals, and creating new ideas for challenges you’re facing. This also encompasses concerns for family matters, roles and shared responsibilities, finances, health and wellness, retirement, divorce, and caring for an aging parent.

Coaching for groups includes learning about relationships, leadership, work and life balance, and dealing with various organizational changes. It focuses on enhancing productivity and better positive collaboration. It’s about being inspired as you reach your goals. It’s also about being authentic, expressing yourself confidently, and being mutually responsible for learning new ideas.

Coaching for organizations includes goal setting, productivity, leadership and conflict resolution. It focuses on improving effective communication and the alignment of personal goal setting with organizational objectives. It is about strategically not reacting to changes but instead making transitions and affecting growth for both the organization and the individual. Ultimately, it is designed to help facilitate the solutions for your challenges.

During your session, you’ll:

1. Learn how to let go and your express yourself freely.

2. Identify behaviors where you sabotage yourself as well as procrastinate taking action.

3. Understand how to remain calm and how to deal with your fears and emotions.

4. Learn relaxation methods to help relieve tension and feelings of fear and self-doubt.

5. Practice forgiveness for yourself and others for misunderstandings, ignorance or harm.

6. Make an action plan to help you move forward in your career and personal life.

How is this different from psychotherapy?

I am not a licensed psychotherapist. I’m here to facilitate you, the changes you choose to make, and your personal transformation by providing you with specific skills, insights and resources. I bring you value by being a physician, a certified life coach, as well as my own experiences to help provide you with insight and guidance.

Anything that you disclose to me will be kept in strict confidence.

Who is this not for?

For those currently seeking a licensed psychotherapist due to depression, anxiety, mental disorders or other psychiatric needs, please seek out a local psychotherapy professional.

If you have suicidal tendencies, have substance abuse issues, or are being physically abused, please seek assistance through local substance abuse services, suicide prevention services, or domestic violence services in your area.

What do you get and how much does it cost:

For 1:1 Coaching = 1 hour at $250

For Group Coaching (10 or less) = 4 hours (half a day) at $5,000

For Organizational Coaching = Please apply below and include a brief description of what type of coaching you are interested in. A quote for your request will be provided via email.

How to apply:

Disclaimer: Dr. Christina does not provide specific medical advice. You should always consult your physician to discuss specific symptoms and conditions. The information provided during your coaching session is not intended to be a substitute for the advice that needs to be provided by your healthcare professional or physician.