Ask Dr. Christina: I Cut Myself Because My Mom Died (Teen)

QUESTION: I am 17 years old and I don't know how to say this. No one listens to me. I find it hard to express myself so I cut myself in areas that no one sees. I have been doing this more recently because my mom died and my dad travels a lot. I know you are going to tell me I’m crazy but I am afraid. Can you help me?


Baby Steps For Becoming Fearless

Fear can sometimes paralyze you and your world. I know what that feels like. Believe me! Even though professionally I am a doctor, personally I am just as human as you are. Fear sometimes does not allow you to come out of your comfort zone, and it often does not allow you to experience new places or people.


Ask Dr. Christina: I’m Old & Lonely and I Feel Worthless

QUESTION: I am 88 years old and I feel there is no longer a reason for me to be here on this earth. My husband died this past year and I have no family. I ask God daily to please take me. I am so lonely and I feel so worthless. Can you give me one reason why I'm here?


Trials and Tribulations of Having a Doctor’s Appointment

Going to a doctor today can be like going to a foreign country, where you feel like you need a translator to determine exactly what the doctor is talking about! I know, because some of the stories I've heard from my patients really concern me. I get so frustrated when I hear about or witness the lack of communication between my colleagues and their patients. Often, the patient’s need to understand what is being said and explained gets overlooked or lost.


Ask Dr. Christina: My Dog Died & I Feel Bad

QUESTION: I lost my puppy. Really, it was my dog of 18 years and I'm feeling really lost. She was my connection to feelings of love. Am I crazy for feeling so bad about her loss? I lost her a few months ago. How do you suggest I find the strength to go on without her?


Ask Dr. Christina: My Loved One Is Dying of Cancer

QUESTION: I have a parent that is dying of cancer and I am her only caregiver. I am worried that I'm going to make myself sick, for I know there is nothing I can do to make my mom get well. How can I help her and take care of myself at the same time?


Positive Twist For Your New Year’s Resolutions

This year, instead of making goals about what you want to accomplish and then later in the year feeling bad if you do not reach these goals, how about recognizing what you have accomplished during the past year and seeing if you can surpass these grateful moments next year?