Ask Dr. Christina: Help! I’m Being Bullied at Work!

Dear Dr. Christina, I sometimes feel humiliated because my manager will start criticizing me in front of my customers, and now she has been giving me the jobs no one wants to do, like cleaning the toilet, putting out the garbage, and mopping the floors. She, and now my co-workers, are calling me names. They make me feel like I am too stupid to be out in this world. I am beginning to feel like I am such a failure because this has been going on nonstop. When I go home, I just want to cry. I have also been losing weight. Is this me? Am I such a loser? Sherri


It’s Time to Stop the Emotional Abuse of Your Child!

Emotional abuse is a type of child abuse that is subtler than the other types of abuse and less detectable, yet it can be more dangerous than physical abuse. It can scar and damage a child’s sense of who he or she is and cause him or her to lose his or her sense of self. Parents who have negative attitudes may say hurtful things to their children, or, for that matter, they may fail to give their full attention to their children. That does not make them bad parents, nor is it emotional abuse. However, when a persistent pattern of negative attitudes towards their child becomes chronic for the parents, then that can result in emotional abuse.


Ask Dr. Christina: How Do I Stop My Husband From Emotionally Abusing and Bullying My Children?

Dear Dr. Christina, I separated from my husband 3 years ago. I am finding that the more my kids are around him, and especially when they come home from being with him, they are not the same as when I dropped them off, especially my oldest. They are very reserved and quiet, and seem like they have been kicked to the ground. I have sat down with my oldest son, who is 16, and asked him what is wrong. At first he kept telling me nothing; but one day I went into his room after they had been dropped off, and he was just sitting there balling and sobbing. I sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. He finally told me that when he is at his dad’s, his dad constantly tells him that he is such a disappointment and that he cannot do anything right...


Ask Dr. Christina: I Didn’t Know That Chronic Constipation Can Kill!

Dear Dr. Christina, My grandmother, who was 92 years of age, was one productive woman who was alert and loved life. She lived independently and loved to read, cook for the family, and go for walks with her walker. I am writing to you because it pained me to see how she died and to learn how her death could have been prevented. Sally


Patient Advocacy for Colorectal Cancer and Disease

Today I want to encourage and empower you and your loved ones to be better advocates for your own health care. Do you remember the old saying: “Knowledge is power”? Well, I say, “Having no knowledge makes you a higher risk for colorectal cancer and other colon disease.” (Read more about the symptoms of colorectal cancer, and being your own advocate)


Ask Dr. Christina: How Do I Keep My Mom From Dying From Broken Heart Syndrome After My Dad’s Death?

Dear Dr. Christina, After reading your article on the Broken Heart Syndrome, I am very concerned about my mother who suddenly lost her husband of 50 years from cancer this past month. I am beginning to see my mom’s health starting to fail and she seems to be losing her desire for living, just like you described. I am so frightened to think that she will give up on her life and that she will begin to stop doing all the things she once did so actively with my dad. I am her caretaker and I only live 5 blocks away from her. My own grief gets in the way of my thinking of things to help her know how much she is wanted and needed by me and my kids. I appreciate any help and ideas you can offer before it is too late. Glee


Anal Cancer Can Kill!

Anal cancer is one cancer that no one likes to talk about perhaps because of embarrassment and that it carries the social stigma of promiscuity. As a result of this potential embarrassment, anal cancer sometimes escapes public awareness. People go to the doctor and inadvertently end up avoiding conversations that can help care for people with this terrible disease. Farrah Fawcett’s battle with anal cancer helped to bring this rare malignancy into the public eye, as many people with this type of cancer had difficulties discussing this problem. Read the risks, symptoms and more important information...


Ask Dr. Christina – The Importance of Finding Colorectal Cancer Early

Dear Dr. Christina, My 76-year old mom was a widow and had not gone to her doctor for a few years. When she did go, she was told she did not have to have a pelvic exam or a Pap® test any longer. She has always suffered from constipation. Whenever she had a bout of it, she would bleed. She would go to her doctor and was told not to worry about it. He told her the bleeding was most likely caused by her hard stools and her hemorrhoids. She was told to go to the store and buy some Preparation H®, some stool softeners, and eat plenty of fiber... (Read the tragic ending to the story, and Dr. Christina's response to spotting colorectal cancer early.)


Ask Dr. Christina: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Dear Dr. Christina, I am 40 years of age and I am beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with me. All my friends whom I went to school with and relatives have gotten married, and I have not even received a proposal yet and feel left out in the cold. I have gone to so many weddings as a bridesmaid that my entire closet is full of gowns that I have worn to “other people’s weddings.” I am beginning to lose count! Am I doing something wrong? Am I ever going to know what it’s like to commit to and love that one special person? Can you please help me with some ideas as to what may be going on and help me understand why I have not landed my soulmate yet? Thanks, J


Being Single Has Its Advantages!

Being single today is a far cry from being single years ago. There were many single women who wondered if something was wrong with them if they were not married by a certain age. Many still seem to identify with and get totally wrapped up in the concept of “marriage”. For some, it is the social and family pressures that are put upon them from the day they are born. However, there is a trend of women who are realizing that being single has its advantages.