One Step Toward Success

The thoughts of being successful as well actually achieving success can be very empowering, yet there are those who truly fear success. Long-held goals and dreams may wait quietly, even dormant, on the bucket list of things one desires to achieve because fear of failure as well as success overshadows any efforts at all. I would like to invite you on a journey toward success. The difference between success and failure really comes down to the small actions we take on a daily basis. Ask yourself, "Are the things I'm doing, people I'm meeting, contributions I'm making, and the patterns of my thought moving me toward my goals, my dreams...my destiny?"


EXPERIENCING failure doesn’t mean BEING a failure!

I believe we all know how horrible the feeling that accompanies "Oh no, what have I done?" Just trying to reach the point of mustering enough courage to admit making a mistake of some kind can cause most of us to become physically sick.. No matter who you are or where you have been, we all know these feelings. I have been there and I am now here to share with you that it's not the feelings nor the mistake that should get the forever focus. The most important thing is how we deal with them.Mistakes ignored or taken for granted can lead down the path of them being made again. Mistakes acknowledged and dealt with constructively can pave the way for a legacy.


Happy Father’s Day to All You Gorgeous Men

Fathers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It does not matter if you are a step dad, an adoptive dad, uncle, brother, or just a man in a child’s life. This is your day to strut your stuff! You are the one who can make such a difference to a child just by showing your love for them. I am reminded of a quote that was written anonymously which said, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad.” How true is that? There are so many children out there that have no real father figures, yet they continue to seek out any men who show their interest and compassion.


Get Your Man to Go to the Doctor

Getting your man to the doctor is nothing to joke about because men’s health habits are horrible. Many men suffer from “denial”, meaning that sickness cannot happen to them or that illness may be seen as a weakness. For many men, years pass before they go to visit their doctor. They continue to deny any symptoms or problems they may be having. Some men think that their symptoms are really not that bad or that they will pass. When other men finally go to see their doctors, they find that they now have more than one problem...


Be Grateful in the Moment [Video]

Being present is the most important facet of being alive. It helps to serve our true purpose in life. You are unable to do anything about your past, but you must remember that you have been able to survive what life has thrown at you. Above all, be grateful that you have not just survived, but that you have thrived in the face of it all. You must take that as a win, for you were able to go against all odds to be here now.


You Are Beautiful!

As summer approaches, many of us begin to feel uncomfortable with our bodies because of our society’s notion of what is beautiful. It is culturally impossible to attain the images we see. Women may begin to worry about how they look, their weight, and their age and signs of aging. Men, on the other hand, may worry about their hairlines, height, muscular body, and finances. For many of us, our sense of self-worth may hinge on one fact: that we identify with our bodies. However, you are so much more than what you see or, for that matter, what is defined by a number on your scale, the number of wrinkles you have, or by the shape of your body. Having self-esteem is more than just how you feel about your body. It in fact is your total being, which includes your personality, values, and everything that makes you perfect just the way you are at this very moment. It is about what and who you really are inside that counts.


Ask Dr. Christina: I Hate Myself and How I Look!

Dear Dr. Christina, I am in high school and I have never been asked out on a date. I doubt I will ever start dating because when I see the other girls in my class, especially in gym class, I do not think I am pretty enough. They look so perfect. My parents do not let me wear any makeup or dress up in any trendy clothes. My parents say they are just too expensive to buy so I just get my sister’s hand-me-downs. I do have a problem with acne and I am overweight. I hate to look at myself in the mirror. I hate to get caught when my friends take pictures of me because I feel so fat. My mom says it is only “baby fat”, whatever that means, but I am not a baby. I feel like such a dork and I know I’m just plain fat. I see all those pictures in the teen magazines and on TV and I just want to drool. I just feel I don’t have a chance. Is there anything I can do to help myself? Dolly


Ask Dr. Christina: How Do You Celebrate Mother’s Day When Your Mom Has Died?

Dear Dr. Christina, I am writing to you because it is that time of year again to celebrate Mother’s Day. Last year, I lost my mom to cancer and my great grandmother to old age. I am not sure how I can celebrate this day without them. Just last year we were four generations (great grandmother, grandmother, Mother and me). Now there is only my grandmother and me left. I feel so sad and I don’t know if I will be able to handle this holiday. We were a very close family and I miss them so much. How can I pay any sort of tribute to this holiday when I am still grieving their losses? Mother’s Day will never be the same, and I am unsure if I can get over the fact that they are gone, even on the other days of the year. Can you please give me some ideas for how to just get through this holiday? Suzi


Happy Mother’s Day to Every Woman!

Mother’s Day is one holiday for women that can evoke a vast spectrum of emotions. Some women feel grateful and love this beautiful eventful day. Other women may feel sad and uncomfortable for many reasons including the death and loss of their mothers, being a stepmom, the loss of a child, or not being able to have children. Dr. Christina gives some great reasons ALL women can and should celebrate Mother's Day.


Help Stop Emotional Abuse in the Workplace!

Millions of men and women are the workforce and life source of all businesses, whether they are a small business, large corporation, hospital, or others. We can all become victims of emotional abuse in these environments, and no one has any immunity. Emotional abuse is on the rise. We must be able to recognize it and defend ourselves from becoming future victims.