Ask Dr. Christina: I’m Old & Lonely and I Feel Worthless

QUESTION: I am 88 years old and I feel there is no longer a reason for me to be here on this earth. My husband died this past year and I have no family. I ask God daily to please take me. I am so lonely and I feel so worthless. Can you give me one reason why I'm here?


Ask Dr. Christina: My Dog Died & I Feel Bad

QUESTION: I lost my puppy. Really, it was my dog of 18 years and I'm feeling really lost. She was my connection to feelings of love. Am I crazy for feeling so bad about her loss? I lost her a few months ago. How do you suggest I find the strength to go on without her?


Ask Dr. Christina: My Loved One Is Dying of Cancer

QUESTION: I have a parent that is dying of cancer and I am her only caregiver. I am worried that I'm going to make myself sick, for I know there is nothing I can do to make my mom get well. How can I help her and take care of myself at the same time?