Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!

#1 International Bestseller and Award-Winning Book

Wounded-Survive-ThriveI was asked to be interviewed by Viki Winterton, the Publisher of Expert Insights Publishing, to be a co-author in an incredible book called Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!! which became an international bestseller.

This book is about phenomenal women who have inner human strength, resiliency, and the will to live. It is an invaluable resource filled with powerful testimonials of horrific stories of how these women survived various challenges from health and abuse to natural disasters and financial ruin and so much more using their resiliency and faith. They learned to thrive by sharing their wisdom and compassion. Even today, they continue to help others with living quality lives.

I was totally honored to be invited to share my story along with all of these other courageous women. It was a privilege to be able to express to all of those women who feel as though there is no longer a way to survive a sense of hope and support. I hope you can see our strength in not only the physically abused or challenged, but as well as those of us who have been psychologically or mentally abused.

This type of living can take its toll on one’s life. We have the choice to honor our past in order to begin our future. Our past is what makes us each so unique, as we find the compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others in order to gain strength and empowerment.

Many injustices can occur in one’s life from being called a cold-blooded human being to being unjustly accused of a crime and facing the death penalty for three years while your fate hangs in the balance like mine did. These are only a few of the injustices that I faced, but I still had the tenacity to find my inner voice and my inner strength to survive and thrive. I had to learn how to set boundaries and not allow myself to be victimized by predators who like to emotionally blackmail their victims.

Despite the many times I was told by others that I would amount to nothing and the many times I tried to give up on life, I know that there is something inherently within my cellular structure that will not allow me to leave this earth until I’ve done what I came to do—and that is to empower women and help everyone to live a quality and purposeful life.

You can be heard. You can enhance your life. You don’t have to do this alone.

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