Ready, Aim, Captivate!: Put Magic in Your Message & A Fortune in Your Future

Ready-Aim-CaptivateI was interviewed by Viki Winterton, the Publisher of Expert Insights Publishing, for the fourth book in her Ready Aim series of international bestsellers called Ready, Aim, Captivate!: Put Magic In Your Message and A Fortune in Your Future. This book reached out to people in order to help change their lives and captivate their hearts.

The book is a priceless resource of information from a group of amazing professionals I feel privileged to be included with who shared their stories of how to balance success at work and at home. It allowed each of us to share with the world that you’re not alone and that all of us are capable of living our dreams.

I was honored to be a co-author alongside Deepak Chopra, Jim Stovall, and the other co-authors in the book. I was delighted to share my platform and introduce my speaking platform, coaching, and other insights with the readers. It was also fun to reveal my intention of writing more books in the near future.

My vision is to cultivate a culture of self-acceptance, non-judgment, and acknowledgment of every human being at every age and stage. It is to let each individual know that they are important, that they exist for a reason, and that they can make a difference for others.

Without purpose, we are and feel nothing. It is up to each of us to help one another find our own resilience and a reason to not give up. It is up to us to individually and together to reconnect, see our purpose, and to live our lives with courage and strength.

It is time to stop suicide and the mutilation and harm done to ourselves and our love ones.

It’s time to support individuals with an understanding of how to use their voices to ask questions, speak up, ask to be heard, and ask for help.  It is also time to teach others to listen, engage, and ask questions so that they can empower each person to put together the pieces of their lives so their needs can be met in a positive way by using simple words and concepts to bring about the best in themselves and all those whom they come in contact with.

There are so many of us who live in silence with the feelings of both frustration and despair that paralyze us from living our lives to their full potential. I think it’s time that we all join forces to save ourselves and to save our children, because many people feel they have no voice.

I have had so many patients in the past 30 years commit suicide and self-mutilate. I have observed how they can imprison themselves in their own minds. If people just knew that they are not alone and if there was someway we could just spread the word, the world would be a better, safer place for us all.

One good deed definitely can save a soul.

My message revolves around two simple words: self-acceptance and self-worth. It’s really up to each of us to help one another find our own individual resilience. We need to help each other find a reason not to give up and to reconnect with your purpose because that will give you the courage and strength to know that YOU are such a gift.

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