Be Grateful in the Moment [Video]


Being present is the most important facet of being alive. It helps to serve our true purpose in life. You are unable to do anything about your past, but you must remember that you have been able to survive what life has thrown at you. Above all, be grateful that you have not just survived, but that you have thrived in the face of it all. You must take that as a win, for you were able to go against all odds to be here now.

Reliving your past does you no justice. It only prevents you from moving forward and realizing the power that is inside you.

The resiliency you have can be used to live for this very moment. It empowers you to find your true purpose in life each day.

We are unable to predict what the future holds, even if all factors are known. This unpredictability allows you to challenge yourself to seek out whatever destiny is meant to happen to you. Yes, you can dream, but there is no known guarantee of your future.

The concept of serving others is the true reason why you are here. It makes you more complete. Being present when you are around others honors the people who surround you and allows you to enjoy and be grateful for their presence.

Being grateful in this moment means being not only present, but being authentic, transparent, and being mindfully aware of your surroundings.

When you allow and tune into all that is important to you, it is then that you have the opportunity to appreciate the world that surrounds you. You will never want to be taken for granted, nor will you want to take advantage of others.

Remind yourself each day to acknowledge at least five things you are grateful for, whether it be in the morning when you wake up or in the late evening before you lie down to sleep. This allows you to begin the journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.

This concept of higher awareness allows you to live a much more fulfilled life—one that helps you to realize that your life has so much meaning. By recognizing self-awareness, self-worth, and self-acceptance not only in yourself but in all mankind, your life will naturally take on this greater meaning.

What a thought! Not to be so self-absorbed, but instead to recognize yourself and others in the same light and be grateful not only for them but for yourself. Remember: to serve others is to serve yourself and to love others is to love yourself.

Remember, my friends: do your best to be grateful in the moment and enjoy life!

My thoughts are always with you,

Dr. Christina

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