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You sometimes hear people say that they would like to live a normal life. There is no such thing as “normal,” for each of us is a unique individual. Each of us has our own problems and our own story. By living your own life, you will surely find that you’re not only unique but a very powerful person in your own right.

Sometimes we look for things that are materialistic to give us pleasure and comfort or to define who we are or to define our status. What we often find out and come to realize is that the pleasure from them only lasts for a couple of minutes or perhaps a day or even a few weeks. Then our joy and fascination with them fades and a new need for something else that is materialistic surfaces again. Alas, the cycle of materialistic needs gets perpetuated for us all – and some get caught up in the race to keep up, like many children who feel they have to in order to feel important when they are younger.

What is most important is that you look inside yourself and recognize what is really important for you to be able to enjoy your life. Is it really about all those “things” you have? Or is it really about living your life in the present moment, no matter what you do or don’t have? Many of the treasures of living happen right before your eyes, in the moments that you live them. They often don’t require you to have anything materialistic in particular to reap the rewards of the moment.

Living your life fully is not about your past because we cannot do anything to change what has already happened. It is also not about your future, since the future is impossible to control. Like Eckhart Tolle writes in his book, The Power of Now, “Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.”

When I tell you to live in the present moment, use all of your senses to feel, see, touch and taste everything that surrounds you. Use your senses of smell and hearing too in order to more deeply appreciate the world around you.

This will enable you to learn how to appreciate who you really are and to enjoy the very space you inhabit.

You never know what’s going to happen in the very next moment. Your whole life can change in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is look at a newspaper to see how catastrophic events occur around us in the blink of an eye. We must not take things for granted.

Look at the things that make you laugh and that make you cry. More importantly, look for opportunities to experience the things that make you human. You will soon realize that you have everything you could ever want surrounding you—right now.

Being a doctor, I listen in quiet confidences to all the stories my patients share with me. I find that they reveal what most people are seeking in life. Most want to experience some purpose for living or, for that matter, they wish they could get passion back into their life so they could reconnect with and feel the purpose they thought they had.

It seems that when we are born, we are born with such willingness to learn as well as the innate desire to have dreams and aspirations. The dreaming comes naturally to us; we don’t have to work at it. As we get older and meet up with other adults older than us many times over the years, the advice they give us and the stories they tell us are quite negative. It’s as though they have not only lost their desire and capacity to dream, they are willing to innocently take it away from others younger than them who begin to question their own abilities to dream and aspire to something fresh and new.

When you say to yourself or hear yourself say that you can’t do something, the question I strongly encourage you to ask yourself is, “Is that my belief, or is that someone else’s belief, or disbelief, in me?” Oftentimes, by the time you get to be an adult, you have so many thoughts rushing around inside your head that you become confused. Many of these thoughts are most likely not any of your original beliefs about yourself. They often may be mostly negative thoughts telling you all that you can’t do, thoughts that were most likely “installed” and instilled in you by others over the years. The reason these thoughts often recur in your mind is that you most likely adopted them and innocently “agreed” with them after hearing them so many times, so you have adapted yourself to them and now believe that you can’t do those things.

If there was some way to erase all of these other people’s beliefs about you that have been embedded in your head and heart, and you could remove all the clutter they have created in your mind, your life would be so much simpler.

There is a way to change this. Here’s how: when a comment you hear yourself making just does not resonate with you or doesn’t feel right, practice asking yourself, “Is that my thought, or is that someone else’s thought or belief that I’m repeating?” Such as I am a bad person or I am dumb or I am not going to get anywhere if I dream. Ask yourself, “Is that my thought? Or is that something someone told me that I’m just repeating?” You may find innately inside you that there is quite a difference between what you truly believe and what you profess to know or state you believe.

I often think many people don’t know how truly resilient and powerful they are. Perhaps you are one of them. You have most likely survived all of your life’s traumas thus far. Sometimes many of us lose sight of this. Sometimes our coping skills were perhaps not the best at the time, but the fact that you survived your past makes you one resilient person! You may not have realized it then when you survived different experiences; perhaps you still haven’t realized how strong you are today.

If there was some way you could zoom in on that resiliency and tap into what it took to motivate you at that time to continue your life in the face of a particular challenge, then you could restore the very passion and purpose that you perhaps seem to be lacking now.

In order to live your life to the fullest, you need to be able to appreciate yourself and respect yourself. You need to know how valuable you are. Our self-worth and our self-acceptance is what makes us feel complete. Both of these begin with you. They don’t come from someone else. They start and end with you.

For every human being, no matter how old or what stage of life you may be in, if you can reclaim your power, including your voice and your willingness to speak up, then you can gain insight, strength, and courage in order to find your true purpose and passion in life. Once we establish how important and powerful each person is, then as individuals we can do anything.

We can meet any goal we set, and we can set goals for the highest and best quality of life that we can live.

It is really up to each of us to help one another find our own individual resilience.

Life is about helping each other find a reason not to give up, and to help one another reconnect to our individual purposes.

Helpful Hints:

First, find your purpose. In doing this, you will find your own self-worth. That will then give you the courage and strength to know that you are worth more than any materialistic object, and that you are the real gift and treasure itself.

Once you are able to turn this light on for yourself so you can see it in yourself, turn to the person next to you and help her or him do it too.

I will continue to do my best to help you do this through these articles and posts with joy and gratitude. Together, we can all find our passions and purposes and make the world a better place for us all.

May you find peace and happiness,

Dr. Christina

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