Ask Dr. Christina: My Dog Died & I Feel Bad


I lost my puppy. Really, it was my dog of 18 years and I’m feeling really lost. She was my connection to feelings of love. Am I crazy for feeling so bad about her loss? I lost her a few months ago. How do you suggest I find the strength to go on without her?


Being a dog lover myself, I can totally empathize with your pain. And no, you’re not going crazy, for sometimes our puppies or our animals or even our non-furry animals contribute to our lives more than we think.

They give us their unconditional love and comfort, sometimes like no other human can possibly do. It is so unfortunate that they cannot live as long as we do, but I’m sure your puppy brought you much joy while she was with you.

You must remember her, not how she looked when she was sick but how she was when you first got her as a puppy.

There’s nothing wrong with you and it is okay to feel lost at this time. Give yourself permission to cry and some time to let yourself get adjusted to this loss.

Honor your pet’s life with all the positive memories. The fact that you had 18 beautiful years with your puppy was such a blessing in your life. I feel that your connection with your puppy will never be lost and will stay with you in spirit. I know your puppy would want you to stay safe, and perhaps keeping a picture or memento will help you remember how she cared for you.

I know your pup trained you well and now it’s time for you to flourish with connecting to others, just as you have done here today.  Thank you for writing.

My thoughts are with you and your beautiful puppy,

Dr. Christina

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