Celebrating Graduation—What Truly Is Your Destiny?

Destiny is an interesting word.  It could mean “fate” or a “predetermined course of events.” The question is: What does destiny mean to you? Many people have the belief that their destiny was handed down from generation to generation. There are no thoughts of any freedom of choice. The challenging question becomes: What do you

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Ask Dr. Christina: Empty Nester

QUESTION: I am writing to you because my daughter is leaving for college and I feel so lost. I can remember the first time when she went to kindergarten and how hard it was to let her go into that school for those eight hours. I could remember her crying and not wanting to leave me. It took all my strength to let her go. Can you please help me with some advice as to how to cope with this loss?

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Killer Thoughts: Grief Can Kill

We have all heard stories about how having negative beliefs can affect our health. Negative beliefs can affect our hearts, which can lead us to having a heart attack. Negative beliefs can also affect our blood pressure, which can lead us to having a stroke. It can even decrease our immune systems, which allows our

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Ask Dr. Christina: Should I Go to College?

QUESITON: I am graduating from high school this year. I am going to college, but I was unable to get into a good college because my SAT scores were very low. My brother told me I was an idiot and my parents told me that I was just a girl and I shouldn’t go to college. an you give me some ideas about how I could still go to college even if nobody believes I can do it?

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